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Lead is a heavy metal that hides in homes and business. Did you just experience an emergency such as a flood or water damage? Are you planning on renovating or remodelling your home or business? Concord Restorations can test for the presence of lead in your home or business. Detailed results will be discussed with you and we will work with you on creating an abatement plan. Count on us for certified lead testing in Quesnel. 

Lead Abatement

Do you have lead contaminated paint in your home or business? Concord Restorations can find it, test it and have it safely removed from your home or business. Lead exposure as a result from disturbing lead paint is becoming a prominent safety concern in renovating construction, demolition and from emergencies as a result of water damage and fire. When renovating, restoring or demolishing older homes lead exposure is a potential risk. Lead exposure has been linked to an array of ailments from developmental disorders to hearing loss. Children living in older homes are at the greatest risk and are most commonly exposed to lead through dust from lead based paints.


Health Hazards

Lead is commonly found in lead-based paints, but did you know lead is also found in plumbing, water faucets, ceramic pottery glaze and crystal? As little as 3 grains equivalent of sugar in lead dust ingested daily for a period of a couple months can make a child lead toxic.

Concord Restorations will develop a complete plan to remove the lead contaminated materials. We will ensure that the affected area is properly contained to prevent cross contamination to other areas of your home or business. Specialized air cleaning equipment will be utilized. The safety of our workers is just as important, they will follow WorkSafeBC Regulations and Guidelines using the latest PPE and respiratory protective equipment.

During the removal, daily air quality testing is conducted to ensure that Concord is following our strict procedures. Once the lead contaminated materials have been removed, swab testing will be conducted to ensure that the lead contamination has been successfully removed. Guaranteed. Contact us today.


Contact Us Today

To know more about our lead testing services in Quensel, contact us today. We will be happy to serve you.


We also provide water and fire restoration services and asbestos abatement service in Quensel and the surrounding area.

Pictures of a home that has significant lead. The paint and the wood trim and siding were tested for lead content and lead leaching into the wood. Lead was found in both the paint and wood siding and trim. Extremely high content of lead. This building is now going to be demolished after lead and asbestos abatement.

Pictures of lead and asbestos abatement. Pictures show containment and equipment ready to remove the drywall.

Emergency Service

We are here to help you recover from disasters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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