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Mold is a common word for any fungus that grows on food or damp building materials. It comes in a variety of different colours and textures. Mold may be visible, however in some cases it is not visible. Your best indication is your sense of smell. If you smell a musty, earthy odour, you may have mold. If it is allowed to grow, it can contribute to poor indoor air quality and health problems. Mold is particularly hard on people who suffer from allergies, COPD, weakened immune systems and asthma. Molds can also create the right conditions for the growth of harmful bacteria, which can cause serious illness. If you’re looking for professional and effective mold testing services in Quesnel, rely on Concord Restorations.

Mold grows in damp, wet areas of homes and businesses. It is generally caused by water leaks and/or flooding. Mold also grows from everyday activities such showering and cooking, which cause high humidity. With this in mind, Concord Restorations can provide you with inspection and mold testing services in Quesnel & surrounding areas. Our trained technicians perform safe testing methods that will positively identify the species of mold and the source of your mold. Detailed results of the testing usually take only five days. We will review the findings and work with you on how to best remediate the mold in your home or business.

Mold Abatement

Have you had a water leak from leaky pipes? Do you have ground water entering your basement? Do you have a leaky roof? Have you had sewer back up or an emergency due to water entering your house or business? These are examples of how and where mold could grow. Concord Restorations can fix your source of mold growth. We have professionally trained technicians who can deal with your mold efficiently, thoroughly and safely.

Mold remediation involves specialized equipment and many protective measures. Mold remediation is more than just cleaning up or killing the mold. If done improperly mold can grow back, mold spores can be spread along with their micro toxins. This can put your occupant’s health at risk. Mold must be contained and not allowed to cross contaminate other areas of a house or business. Even dead mold spores can cause the same adverse health effects as live spores.

What is the Mold Removal Process?

First, Concord Restorations will conduct an assessment of the cause of the mold growth. We can identify the full extent of the mold growth; usually we conduct non-evasive testing on the onset of the assessment and may then have to conduct destructive testing to determine the extent of underlying causes of mold growth. Concord will conduct air sampling to identify the kind of mold and the concentration levels within the affected area.

After the assessment and the evaluation is complete, Concord will create a remediation plan, same as a scope of work. This includes addressing what caused the mold and all safety protocols. This will ensure that all mold contamination will be remediated properly and safely.

The affected area(s) will be contained, this will prevent cross contamination of mold spores and micro toxins to other areas of your home or business. During the removal process, mold spores will become disturbed and aerosolized. To prevent cross contamination, proper HEPA air cleaning equipment will be utilized as well our workers will follow the strict protocols as per WorkSafeBC Regulations to ensure their safety.

After the containment is in place and secure, the mold is cleaned or removed. Concord uses the most advanced mold remediation products and technology. This how Concord can be cost effective, more efficient and ensures the safety for building occupants.

Concord Restorations utilizes specialized coatings and penetrants that are applied to the building materials to prevent mold regrowth in areas that are susceptible to mold growth. Our encapsulates are of the highest quality, and Concord only uses natural antimicrobials that prevent mold growth. Upon completion, we will again conduct air quality testing to ensure that the mold has been removed. Guaranteed.

If you have any questions regarding mold testing, abatement or remediation, in Quesnel, get in contact with us via email or phone. We’re happy to be of service! We also provide asbestos testing, lead testing, as well as abatement services.

Pictures of mold damage in a house.

Picture is of a kitchen. This is what happens when a flood is not dried properly. We were contracted by the insurance company to remediate it after it was "repaired"

Pictures of a house with extensive mold damage.

Mold damage in an attic, pre-remediation.

Emergency Service

We are here to help you recover from disasters 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

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